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Adam Vital Hospital

The Adam Vital Hospital In Dubai Is A Part Of The Adam Vital Healthcare Group With Its Origins In Germany And A Footprint In Dubai, Uae Since 2011

Its a newly establishes healthcare brand that required strong media presence due to specific services that they provide. During work with Adam Vital we were able to generate brand awareness and target right patients to the hospital to generate significant profit.

Services include: ATL, PR Events, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, Photography

Social Media

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Adam Vital is a hospital that specializes in orthopedic services and needed influencers within the sports and fitness field, such as coaches and trainers, to come to the clinic and talk about their experience.


By focusing on such a niche market the clinic was able to gain an audience that was truly interested in the services and gained a reputation as one of the top and notable practices in the specific medical field.

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